About Us

Stefanie (our Monday blogger) is an outrageous web & graphic designer at Lauer Graphics, as well as a photographer at Foxy Focus.  Her damage comes in the form of CrossFit, dancing, & running with her fur-children.  Stefanie's new to paleo, but not to taste & is determined to make the two get along. When she does, she might be kind enough to share. Might be. 

Andrea (our Tuesday blogger) is a bad-ass photographer at Foxy Focus, wife, & mother of two.  Her weapons of choice are running trails, spin class, & weight lifting. Andrea has also recently started eating Paleo & actually likes it.  She is a gifted artist, but won't sell her wares despite our demands because she makes her own rules, damn it.

Zo. (our Wednesday blogger) is an insane poet, editor at Shuf Poetry, jewelry creator at Skyward Earth, enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training this fall, & obviously a Gemini.  She does her work on the yoga mat, treadmill, & with weights. Connie wants to be a vegetarian, but hasn't made the jump just yet.  We would call her a pansy, but she would probably take it as a compliment (since pansies are really pretty flowers) & then write a poem about it.

Kat (our Thursday blogger) is a brilliant photographer at Kat B. Photography, number cruncher/puncher/mutilator for a major casino, wife to a (fit) Zack Galafanikis look-a-like, & dog-mother of three giants beasts.  Kat's playground involves running trails, lifting weights & doing CrossFit style workouts at The Wolf Pit. She's a vegan & an amazing cook, so take notes unless you like the taste of failure.

Melissa (our Friday blogger) is a fierce Substitute Teacher at two different districts & mother to TWO teen boys.  If that wasn't masochistic enough (she subs for FUN), she incurs further pleasure from pain through CrossFit & spin.  Melissa is known to occasionally cheat on her Paleo diet & not give a damn.  She's too fierce for us to give a damn either.

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