Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is the Muscles, Madness, & Martinis Manifesta

WE ARE five friends creating a dedicated space to empower ourselves & each other in all areas of our lives.  We ARE scattered across deserts, mountains, & cities in Southern California & Arizona & we don't want to scroll through social network news feeds nor limit ourselves to 149 characters in order to connect.

WE ARE fitness-minded for the sake of health & personal goals.  We don't like quick fixes.  We want our gains to be huge, because our pain is real.

WE ARE hungry for real food that sustains us. We eat to live & live to play.  Work is what we do in the gym & on our mats. Our day jobs give us rest from the REAL WORK we do.

WE ARE entitled to fail & fail so that we may succeed.  Whether that means pushing weight or manifesting dreams into reality, WE KNOW that every NO REALLY MEANS YES.

WE LIVE HARD & PLAY HARD because dying is too easy & we don't like quick fixes.

WE ARE Muscles, Madness, & Martinis and this is our Manifesta.

High Heels Optional. Sweat Required.


  1. I absolutely love the last sentence. I'm looking forward to your posts! I'm hoping I can encourage myself to get off the couch and get out there and sweat.

    1. Yay so glad you are enjoying our blog :)

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