Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Roll Call: My Fave Fit Femme Figures

In setting some new goals for myself, I found myself drawing inspiration from some personal She-roes I have filed  in what I call my Goddess Rolodex (don't worry, this is different than a binder full of women).  The Goddess Rolodex is  a catalogue of inspirational women from which I draw inspiration.  The three women here have been in my Goddess Rolodex since the early millennial years and they certainly won't be leaving.

            The first Fitness & Figure competitor that I came across that inspired me to begin pushing my fitness to another level.  I felt a connection to her elongated frame; even though I only stand at 5’6”, my limbs are long and can sometimes appear too lanky when I thin out too much.  Maggie Diubaldo’s lean, lithe & STRONG figure is the perfect example of how women can still look and feel feminine with a muscular and toned physique.

            Insanely fit and dedicated.  Her story reveals that as an adult, she weighed over 230 lbs. Nearing age 50, she decided she was done with it and began incorporating clean-eating (it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle) and body-building principles for sheer health.  Tosca Reno then went on to compete and won many competitions.  She became the CEO of Oxygen FitnessMagazine, of which I have been a dutiful subscriber since 2005! 

            The first Yogi I encountered that made me go, “Wow!”  Her figure (and that luxurious hair!) is not only physically stunning, but her heart is a stunner, too!  Seane Corne participates in an organization called Off the Mat, Into the World which uses yoga to power and inspire change and activism in communities around the globe.

These are just a few of the AMAZING women who inspire me.  Who is in your Goddess Rolodex and why?

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