Friday, March 15, 2013

Paleo Style Chicken Parm...minus the parm

So, as you will quickly learn, I strive to stay on the Paleo wagon, but I am weak.  Sometimes there is just no replacement for some good ol’ chips and salsa. (Ya feel me?)

However, I do try my best, one meal at a time.  I have basically gone through my typical dinners and  tweaked them to fit into the Paleo guidelines.  I created a little library of easy-to-make Paleo dishes that most of my household enjoys. 

Last night's Paleo style chicken parm is exactly that.  The only thing I really had to change was the coating on the chicken.  No more bread crumbs.  Now, I know, I know… "But Melissa, you can use almond flour to coat your chicken”.  First off, I already eat a good amount of nuts throughout the day (hahaha funny) so I don’t really need more. Second, I just do not like the taste of the almond flour as a coating.  And that is that.

Also, I measure nothing!  Sorry.  I’m sort of a free spirit when it comes to cooking. 

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Last night we had this along with some roasted asparagus…yummy! But you can pair it with any veggie your heart desires.

This is a super easy main dish that you can bust out in about 20 minutes if you are in a rush (like I usually am).  Or you can totally make it ahead of time and have it in the fridge ready to go when you are…which is what I do when I’m an organized working mommy. If you’ve got a little extra time, putting this over some spaghetti squash would be amazing. If you are a seafood person you can also toss in some shrimp right before you put the dish in the ovenJ

As always, this is just a guideline, just something to give you ideas.  Tweak it to fit your taste buds.  If you already make a great tomato sauce, then use that.  Hell, share it with me!! 


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