Monday, March 18, 2013

WODing with 36DDD's

So as I said in my post last week, I got my breasts done about 6 months ago. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE my new girls! They are perky and bouncy, which is great in almost any occasion except for working out.

The first few times I went to CrossFit, I wore two sports bras to WOD in. This was a challenge in itself to get them both on, however they were so tight and constricting that I thought I was going to pass out. I had to majorly modify my WOD as I got dizzy from the vice grips I had around my chest.

Searching for a sports bra that fits my new girls and providing enough support, as well as preventing them from giving me a black eye has proven a challenge.
Juno by Moving Comfort
Glamorise Maximum Control
So far I've found two that work well in high impact exercise. The first is Juno by Moving Comfort. I ordered this in a 36DD as they don't have a DDD version. It runs a little tight through the band and is snug. It takes a little getting use to putting the thing on and you might work up a sweat from doing so.

The other is Glamorise maximum control adjustable bra. The Glamorise bra is my favorite of the two. It isn't difficult to put on and has great control. It's kind of two bras in one as it has a second panel in the front of the bra that you can adjust depending on your impact level. I've kept mine at the highest and it works great.

Neither of these bras are the prettiest, but that's why I have cute tank tops to cover them up. They both do the job well and hold my 36DDD's in place. Now, eyeliner will be the only thing black around my eyes.


  1. While my boobs aren't QUITE as big as yours, I still have this problem! Not as much during a workout, but definitely running. I always wear two, but it is very constricting. I will have to look into these two brands! A friend of mine said Under Armour makes a really good one too.

  2. I've never had to wear two bras while running--and my girls have been in the DDD range. I've tried a couple Moving Comfort styles but absolutely loathe the shape that the give to my chest. Natori and Bendon, on the other hand, give excellent shape and support. The Natori is all (sturdy) cotton w/some stretch to it and is just referred to as an Underwire Sport Bra; the Bendon style that I prefer is called Extreme Out and is a synthetic material. The Natori runs about $50 and the Bendon, about $65. Each can be found on or

  3. Thanks for the information ladies. I am just getting back in the guy. Didn't realize tha it would be a problem getting a good support bra. We can't just go to the store. So, I have tried two bras which was uncomfortable. I tried buying the Under Armour in a DD cup nice support but I had bulges on the side. I will try the Bendon brand suggested by Nidena.