Thursday, March 7, 2013

He said what??

So, for my first post I had a sort of light-hearted, funny, out-of-left field kinda topic.  I changed my mind and, instead, I'm just going to share something sweet my 11-year-old said this afternoon.

As we were leaving his school, I commented on how dark and nasty the sky was.  Out of nowhere, he responds, 
"You know, Mom, we have to go through the dark and cold to get to the light."  (Mind you, my son is bright and he often says things that you may not normally hear an 11-year-old boy say, nevertheless this comment made me stop and smile.)

Now, I'm sure he meant it in the literal sense regarding the weather, but the way he said it... his tone was just very sweet.  I'm not sure where (or even if) he has heard that saying elsewhere before, but somehow it came unexpectedly and at just the right time.  I have had a few things on my mind lately (nothing dramatic) but what he said made me stop, think and smile. 

I suppose it's advice we all can use at some point in our lives.

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  1. Love this Melissa! Your little Man is so smart and sweet! Great job momma ❤