Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Lovin'

It's summer & most of us are finding ways to get the most out of the long days & warm sun....I know I sure as hell am!!

Since the end of May I have been to Havasu, the Grand Canyon, Laughlin, the beach & currently back in Laughlin for another week of boating fun!! I know, it's a tough life, but I'm not complaining. Fall will be here soon enough and I will be back to taming the beasts (otherwise known as your children). 

I have missed my fair share of WODs but at least I have been staying active. Lots of walking, hiking, water sports and such. It's the food that can be the kiss of death!! 

I made a conscience decision to travel with as much Paleo friendly food as possible. I made my own beef jerky, which turned out amazing (the second time). I brought nuts & Lara bars to the Grand Canyon. I still ate at more than enough buffets but at least I had good snacks to help keep me satisfied during the day so I didn't need to gorge myself at dinner. 

For my time out here in Laughlin I was able to bring fresh fruit, lunch meat, avocado and chicken salad. Dinner has still mostly been fast food...GASP! But again, I wasn't starving & kept my intake of crap relatively low. 

What are your favorite travel foods that help keep you on the heathy track?? 

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