Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Feet?

Are your feet happy?  Mine, not so much...

First off I have to say, I love shoes!  I'm a shoe-aholic and have a closet dedicated to them.. Gorgeous heels, cowboy boots, Converse, Vans and my Nanos for my WOD's.  My closet is insanely organized and it is depressing as I hardly get to wear all of the shoes that I love.

The issue that I have (although only self diagnosed at the moment) is called a tailors bunion or a bunionette.  This is basically a bunion but on the outside of the foot by the pinky toe. Lately these little bunionettes (oh yeah I have them on both feet) have been causing me lots of pain.  Usually it's discomfort while wearing heels, but now it's pain and inflammation while WODing.

These are shots of my little piggy's. I know I need a pedi! As you can see the area on both my feet just below my pinky toe bulges out a bit.  The left foot is worse than the right. Ehhh!
I had X-rays taken last week and have an appointment with a podiatrist on Wednesday to see what the verdict is.  I'm hoping there are some non-surgical methods of reducing the pain and/or reversing the condition if it isn't too far advanced (fingers crossed!!) BUT, after doing a ton of research online and finding normal x-rays compared to my f'd up feet, I think I may be in for a long road of ...dare I say it...Surgery?!?!?

The x-rays above show my lovely feet.  In technical terms there is prominence of the 5th metatarsal head (yellow arrows) and increased angulation between the 4th and 5th metatarsals (black arrows). There is also slight lateral bowing of the shaft of the 5th metatarsal (red arrows).  
Basically the long bone (metatarsal) that is attached to my pinky toe is bowing, creating a gap between the next metatarsal, causing the pinking toe to point in towards the rest of my foot, resulting in a bulge called a bunionette.  Make sense??

This my friends is a normal foot.  As you can see, the 5th metatarsal is in perfect alignment with the rest of the bones.
No Gap.
No Bowing.
No Bunionette.

Do you deal with any foot pain or issues?  Tell me the plight of your feet!

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  1. I get pains sometimes in the arches of my feet when running. Only during running, no other exercise causes this pain. No idea what it is though, I refuse to go to a doctor lol. It isn't chronic, so I just deal with it on the occasions it does occur.

    Is it wrong that "bunionette" actual sounds kind of cute??