Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Alcohol

I never thought I'd be a beer chick, but this summer has brought on a whole new level of consumption.

The man-candy and I have spent much of our summer together working around the house: building the veggie beds, rebuilding and staining our deck, and doing a second run through spring cleaning (involving lots of yard-selling, speaking of which, I have an excellent elliptical and 2 punching bags up for sale...).   

As the temps rise (relatively speaking: we've actually hit 90 this summer when we typically average about 78 degrees; and yes, this is noteworthy.), I notice I drink more beer than wine (and I LOVE my red wine.) Hell, I'm craving it more than water. 

I've never really been a beer person and started off with the lighter brews (Budweiser) but hated it and jumped to Heineken and Heffeweizen. In more recent years, I'm nuts over Firestone (Double IPA or Union Jack) and Sierra Nevada (Rockin' Rye or Torpedo) on a hot-sun-beating-on-my-back kind of day. White wine has never been my thing, lemon water just isn't cutting it, and I'm not really into soda pop or juices. 

But what's a woman to do when she loves a strong beer without the belly?!  Help me save my gut and share with me your summer choices; extra points if they're healthier options than beer and still have that strong, bitter taste. 

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