Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10 (Mostly Selfish) Reasons to Do Yoga

1.  Because breathing is suddenly easier. (And ladies, if you loosen up/remove the bra it's AWESOME.)

2.  Because it feels like drugs, but costs less and lasts longer.

3.  Have you seen how your ass looks in those pants? Yum!

4.  Because not everyone *is* a good dancer, but on the mat you feel like a good dancer.

5.  Because even chanting is an ab workout. (Try it. Aim for at least 5 minutes right now.)

6.  Because every twist and inversion is one step closer to the most incredible, cleansing bowel movement ever.  (You'll thank me/your yoga teacher later. Trust me.)

(This is a real image from a real product with a really great mission.  Check them out here.)

7. Because it is the most kindest and forgiving and eye-opening experience.  Every time you engage in yoga, on or off the mat, you are humbled and enriched.

8.  Because your favorite pose is your best friend and your most hated pose is your best teacher.

9.  Because post-yoga sex is incredibly delicious. All that oxygen to the cells and blood rushing healthily to the happy points... O!

10.  Because yoga is for everyone, but not all yoga is for every body. Find a style that suits you best. And don't be surprised if and when that changes, because yoga understands the dynamic and ever-changing body; cancer, pre-natal, arthritic, sedentary, nervous disordered, fit and really is for everyone!

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