Monday, August 26, 2013

PR Week at my box!!!

For those of you who are into CrossFit (like me and the majority of my friends), you know how it feels when you PR (personal record) something at the box.  This week at my box, CrossFit Structured, is TEST week.  Basically this means that throughout the week we will be lifting heavy and trying to find our PR.

At my box, they have a PR bell that you ring whenever you do something exceptional.  Every time I lift anything, it is usually a PR as I've never really lifted heavy weight before in my life. However, the bell will be ringing nonstop this week as my fellow CrossFitter's will be working on their goals and setting a higher standard for themselves.

What are your PR's??  Share with us you most memorable lift, the way it made you feel, the dance you did when you accomplished your amazing feat.

I share with you this video of my amazing coach Michelle Mascoto snatching 140#.  In 13 seconds, you can see the utter delight of her accomplishment as well as her dedication to working on her own PR's that will encourage those that she coaches!  She is a huge inspiration in my life and love the hard work that she puts into coaching and improving those around her!

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