Monday, February 17, 2014

Life is crazy!!

All of us here at Muscles, Madness and Martinis are so unbelievably busy that we have gotten sidetracked from our weekly blogging!   We are working hard on taking the time to write about our experiences in life, rather than keeping these moments to ourselves.

I know all of the women behind M,M&M are constantly working on their bodies.  Some of us do yoga, others work their ass off instructing spin and the rest of us are avid CrossFitters that seem to find little time for anything else but WOD's and getting the next PR!

If you are anything like any one of my amazing friends, you are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, putting nourishing food and thought into your body and obtaining security within yourself in a very insecure world. 

I came across this video today of what REAL women would look like if they were photographed and photoshopped like cover girls.  It's amazing to see how their perspectives changed on their true beauty and individuality.

I know that every imperfection is what makes me unique; the freckles that I've had since childhood and every wrinkle that I've developed over the years from laughing and living life!   After watching this video, I hope that you also find a new found love for the skin that you are in! 

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