Monday, April 15, 2013

My Heart goes out to Boston...

I'm sitting here staring at my computer screen in disbelief of what just happened at the Boston Marathon.  The pictures and video are graphic and horrific, but not nearly as bad to look at as it would be to experience.  I cannot even imagine what all the people in Boston are going through, not being able to get a hold of their loved ones as I heard cell service was shut down due to risk of remote detention of more bombs.

I cannot fathom how someone could hurt so many innocent people.  The news hasn't reported anyone taking responsibility of the bombing yet, just that they have a person of interest in a hospital bed.  What is so important that you have to take the lives of the innocent?  No matter what your religious or political beliefs are, are they really worth taking someone's life? 

Events like this make me wonder about all the what ifs in life... What if it were me? What if it happened here?  What if it were someone I knew? ALL of these what ifs make me think only one thing...I am SO thankful for those that I have in my life and it makes me want to rush home and hug and kiss the ones I LOVE.

In the aftermath of this STUPID and SENSELESS act of violence, I urge you to tell your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them. 

Make EVERY day count!


  1. This is so heart-breaking and nonsensical. I just don't even have words.

  2. I love you! I love every one of you!!!!!!! Prayers to all those who are suffering tonight.