Monday, April 22, 2013

Shhhh it's a secret

Ok, so since Spring is here and it's time to start wearing dresses and shorts (yay!!), I thought I would share one of my favorite summer secrets with all of our readers. This is my favorite thing I have ever come up with. It makes my skin look AMAZING and I can even make my own BB (body bronzer) cream out of it, as well. Plus, it's so easy a two-year-old could do it.  So, here is my Get-Ready-for-Summer-MUST-MAKE-Make-Beauty-Recipes :) (And if any of you make them I expect to hear a full report about how much you LOVE them...and how smart I am...ha ha)

Here is what you need to make your own Skin Perfecting Body Bronzer:
  • Lotion of your choice. I LOVE the Hemp Lotions sold at Walmart...usually I use the gradual bronzing one, but I got this yummy Mojito scented one and it smells amazing.
  • Joan Rivers The Right To Bear Legs leg makeup in TAN (I know Joan Rivers makes it, but trust me its good stuff when used like this!)
Directions (Super simple, brace yourself):
-Mix the two together; I usually do an 80% lotion, 20% leg makeup ratio. Just be sure its mixed well...I shake the heck out of mine (Bonus arm work out that's cheaper than a Shake Weight!) :) You can use less or more leg makeup depending on how dark you want it. It works and it's amazing for when you don't have a tan or if you are trying to even out tan lines.

You can even make your own BB cream for your face by adjusting how much of the leg makeup you mix with your normal facemoisturizer or sunscreen. I LOVE making a tinted sunscreen in the summer. Its so easy and your skin is always protected. I hope you love this little secret of mine. The next time you see me and think I look tan...well, I'm probably faking it.

Top left: Ingredients I use to make my body Bronzer
Top Right: Body Bronzer
Bottom Left: My left leg has the Bronzer on....I wanted to show a before and after so you can see how natural it is
Bottom Right: Pretty smooth Bronze Legs :)


  1. THIS is amazing!! I'm so pasty! lol Where can you get the leg make-up? And does this wash off every shower or is this a gradual tanner type thing?

    Can't wait to try it!

  2. Kat I found it on amazon for under $6

    Andrea - What about for us white folks who never see the sun?? I think tan may look orange on me!

  3. Just add a little it's not orange at all! That's a great deal Stefanie!!!!! I usually get mine at bed bath and beyond with a 5 dollar coupon which makes it 10 bucks...Stefanie I can bring mine and we can mix u up some on the 11th...if u get it and don't like It I can totally buy it off ya lol :) but if you mix just a little bit with some lotion it will be super light..:) the more leg makeup you add the tanner it will be so less so you don't look orangy, or maybe a blend of the lighter one and the tan...I was thinking about getting the lighter one too blend together with sunscreen for my face :) it has such amazing coverage...but I do use the tan in my moisturizer for my face and it's not too dark just because I use a little bit. Experiment and blend little portions to see what works :)

  4. Oh and it washes off Kat with soap and water but if you use the hemp golden glow from Walmart it's 5 bucks then that one gradually makes you glow...I just like theninstant tint and coverage and seeing where it's going! Lol