Monday, May 6, 2013

Apps that make life easy

There are ALL kinds of smartphone apps that help you keep track of your fitness.  Everything from running apps for beginners like Couch to 5k, My Fitness Pal that helps to keep track of your daily intake and exercise and one of my favorites is Nike Training Club, an app that times your exercises, walks you through each workout pulls music from your own library to workout to and gives you all the info on how many calories you burned.

With all these apps available, it is hard to decipher which are beneficial and which are just a waste of your money.  My newest download is the eMeals app.  So far, this app is AWESOME! So great in fact that I bought a subscription to the service.  What's the service you ask? It's a complete meal plan with an automatically generated shopping list.  Now I know there are apps out there that may provide this service for free, however, this one actually includes a PALEO meal plan! EEEK

For those of you who have other dietary lifestyles, there are 11 different meal plans to choose from including Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Clean Eating and Slow Cooker. (sorry there's no Vegan option)

This app includes all the recipes and shopping list for a week's worth of dinners.  You can also buy a subscription for Breakfasts and lunches as well.  The retail price is a little expensive for the average consumer, HOWEVER I am the queen of shopping and found a Groupon for 3 different subscription options - 12 Months of Dinner Planning ($29 regularly $58), 12 Months of Lunch and Dinner Planning ($39 regularly $106) or 12 Months of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner planning ($49 regularly $142). But hurry as I don't know when the Groupon will expire!

The recipes sound amazing and the website that goes with the app allows you to download the meal plans which includes the shopping list!

I'm in love with how easy this will be to eat Paleo.  Maybe I wont be 100% Paleo 80% of the time anymore!

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