Monday, May 20, 2013


Motivation comes in many different forms. It could be the picture of a hot body builder with a six pack or it could be a before and after picture of an amazing success story of weight loss. Some people get motivation from their significant other who pushes them to exercise and eat healthy. Others need an army like drill sergeant in a bootcamp to maintain their exercise regiment. 
I'm having a difficult time in finding my motivation.  Ever since my wedding, I've avoided exercising at nearly all costs. About a week after my wedding, I was in a car accident and had lower back pain because of it. I went to a wonderful chiropractor to get all fixed up and now I'm procrastinating in returning to some form of exercise. 
I'm not one to completely sit on my ass; I visit Disneyland where I walk for miles and lift many boxes in the warehouse at my office. I know it's not enough, but at least I'm not 100% sedentary. 
I'm at a point where I need to "shit or get off the pot" however I'm at a loss of where to start. 
What do you do for motivation?  What inspires you to get yourself to the gym? What tips and tricks have helped you to get off your butt and get in gear?


  1. You need to put gym time into your schedule. Plain as that. Just make it part of your day. Wednesdays I start work at 7 am. Just like my time to start work is scheduled, so it my time to be at the gym at 5am scheduled. It doesn't matter if I'm tired, or didn't sleep well. It's in my schedule, therefore, I must go. I also know that when I leave, I will feel fantastic. And that feeling I get when I leave the gym, is why I go!

  2. UGH. I'm right there with you, Stefanie!! I've been feeling so down-and-out lately that I have no motivation other than to feel sorry for myself. And while I'm on self-sabotage and you're dealing with post-wedding bliss and post-accident trauma, Amy is totally right. You (I) just need to go through the motions and make a it a thing. Once those endorphins hit, you (I) will remember why this all matters. <3

  3. I've been struggling with the same thing! I think for me a lot of it is this horrible heat here in AZ, but that's no excuse!! I know I just need to do it. I always feel amazing afterwards and am ALWAYS glad I did it, but it's so hard to take that first step. Grrrr.