Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pasta: YUM!

I love pasta. I try not to eat it *too* much, but I don't cut it out completely.  When I do serve up some yummy pasta concoction, I always opt for a healthier pasta. Instead of using your traditional white pasta I always choose a whole wheat form of pasta. Once you put a sauce on it, you really can't tell the difference! 90% of the time, I go one step farther than whole wheat pasta and choose brown rice pasta. I stumbled across this one day and it was love at first taste! The best part? This pasta has TWO ingredients: Brown rice and water. That's it! When I understand and recognize all the ingredients on a package I am definitely a happy camper. If you haven't tried it yet, go pick up a package and try it out. I'm pretty sure you can find this at most grocery stores. I know I've even found it at Walmart.

Once you find said pasta, come home and make this recipe:

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