Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Go-to Veggies

I realized that in my lifetime I have been OBSESSED with:

- kale
- asparagus
- cabbage
- red/green lettuces
- spinach
- mushrooms
- sweet potatoes
- avocado (isn't this technically a fruit?)
- eggplant

By obsessed I mean, having to eat at least 4 times or more during the week so as to avoid/give into cravings. Mostly, I end up adding a little olive oil and (if quick pan frying/searing) garlic salt. (I *may* have added a little butter to mushrooms at one time; don't judge--it could have been a cheat day.) 

I noticed that most of my favorite veggies tend to be green (kale, spinach, lettuces, green onion, etc.).

What are your go-to veggies? How do you cook them up? Inspire me so my family can have some variety in their diets! ;-)

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