Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Juice Please!

Recently I have been obsessed with juicing. I even bought a new Breville juicer, and I already owned a juicer (it defiantly was not as nice or easy as the Breville so I HAD to upgrade..and I had a coupon.) I have juiced for years but haven't been consistent with it. Well that has changed and I'm seriously feeling the benefits of the nutrients I am getting. Yay juice

So some may say "juicing takes all the fiber out of these fruits and veggies, what a waste." But honestly that couldn't be further from the truth. Yes there is fibrous waste from juicing, but you can use some of this in recipies, in a compost, or my favorite thing to do with it...it's a yummy treat for my animals.
After watching the documentary "Fat, sick and Nearly Dead" (it's a fantastic information packed documentary) I got on the juice wagon. One quote from the movie really struck home with me. I'm not sure if I'm quoting this exact, but well you will get the point. "We are all eating so much junk and processed foods our bodies are lacking proper nutrients, and in turn this makes us even more hungry and even though we are consuming thousands of calories our bodies are still starving. This is where juicing comes in. When you juice the cells get those nutrients faster and more of them...it's like a turbo charge of vitamins."
That made so much since to me. Starving cells = hungry bodies looking for nutrients. How could that not make since? Most people don't sit down and eat 6 raw carrots, a bunch of kale, a whole cucumber and a beet and an apple in one sitting...let alone over the course of the day. I down all that in one juice sitting. Even better it is ALL RAW so you are getting every bit of amazing energizing nutrients that fruit or veggie has to offer. So for me Juicing just makes since. I'm gonna share a few of my favorite juices, the first one my Mom made up and it tastes just like an Orange Julius. I am obsessed with it for breakfast, and with the added protein you are getting a double dose of goodness!

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  1. I have a jack lelane (?sp) juicer and hate it. However the directions said not to juice bananas as all it does is mush it up and spits it into the waste container. I think if you juiced and then added the banana via blender, you would get more of the flavor and more of the nutritional value :)