Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to The Wolf Pit

Ages ago, in San Diego, I used to frequent the local 24 Hr Fitness. You know, one of those big, fancy gyms! Now, there's nothing wrong with your usual 24 Hr/LA Fitness/InsertOtherHugeNameHere gym. But, for me, that particular gym was SO ego-laden that I found it hard to work out. I was intimidated. All the girls had full on make-up going and perfect hair. I did not fit this image. It really drove me away. Again, if you can block all of that out, then great (these really are fine gyms).

Then we moved to Arizona. A small(ish) area with no big name gyms and the gym we chose was Anytime Fitness (which has since definitely made a name for itself). LOVED that place. The best part, the hubby and I worked the same schedule and went to the gym at about 1:00am-3:00am. This was the dream hour. We had the gym pretty much to ourselves. No waiting for machines or benches, no waiting to get our cardio on, no people hoarding the weights I wanted to use, no annoying gym personalities, it was all ours!

Then our schedules switched and we no longer had the luxury of hitting the gym at the same time. My current schedule would put me at the gym at peak gymming (love making up words) times; either 5:00am or 5:00pm. These are the nightmare times at the gym. It's pure misery.

Then The Wolf Pit was born. We are now the proud owners of our very OWN gym! A garage gym, which we have built from the ground up. That's right. 24/7 access, no fighting for weights/benches, no annoying gym personalities (except our own) and best of all, NO FEES! Okay, okay, yes, the equipment we purchase costs money, but in the long run, with both of us working out, it's much cheaper building a garage gym than belonging to a traditional gym.

Here are some of the things you will find at The Wolf Pit:

Flat Bench
Incline/Decline Bench
Squat/Press Stand
Pull Up Bar w/Rings
Olympic Bar
Bumper Plates
Kettle Bells
Medicine Balls
Battle Rope
Giganto Tires
Jump Ropes
Custom White Board
Loud Music
Bad Ass Guard Dog

Check it out!

 Half the Garage = The Wolf Pit Strength & Conditioning Center!

Your pick of tires!

TONS of workouts at your fingertips and new ones being added daily!

Best Guard Dog in town (or worst since he'll probably just lick you to death)!

So, if you're ever in town, stop by for a visit. We'll put ya to work and make you sweat!


  1. It's sooooo purrrrtyyyyy! I mean, bad ass. I SERIOUSLY need to visit there. SOON.

  2. Me too! Man I wish you were closer so I can join! I totally wanna beat the shiz out I those tires!!!!!! Lol

  3. Connie, soon like tomorrow??? :D It's SO much fun and gets out all of your agression, Andrea!